“It was a long reading, full of thoughtful silences and the internal whir of one “aha!” moment after another. One of my favourite things about Carly’s readings is that she leaves long, comfortable silences in between sentences and cards. As a journalist, improvisor, and podcaster, sometimes silences make me panic – they’re “dead air” and that’s bad, right?! – but they are incredibly useful in a setting like a tarot reading. Sometimes I need a good ten or twenty seconds to absorb and process something one of us has just said – to turn it over in my mind and look at it from all angles – and it’s in those long pauses that I connect the dots, find the common threads, reach revelations. In everyday life, we so rarely get the opportunity to take a breath, think, and decide at our own pace what we want to say next. Carly holds space for their clients in ways both figurative and literal, and it is such a gift.” – Kate (read more about her reading on her blog, Girly Juice)


“I turned to Carly when I needed to make a Adult Life Decision. Of course, these are never really fun to make and there are always a million different factors jumbled up in a messy pile. Her reading really helped me to regroup, reconnect with my gut, and recentre so I could move ahead feeling grounded. She is hella poetic in her observations and helped me hold a million things at once without feeling drowned. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ” – Ashling


“In the past I thought of tarot readings as creepy or scary – a way to tell the future, or even to learn things you wish you didn’t know. Spoiler alert: I was wrong. Rather than learning something shocking about my past, present, or future, I felt that Carly’s readings gently reminded me of things I had forgotten (or forgotten to prioritize) while making decisions. This was helpful and supportive during transition periods in my life.” – Alysse


“This was my first time and I was nervous but Carly was attuned and caring. She held the space well and the reading was thought-provoking and allowed me to think through some things that I have been struggling with in a different way :)” – Anonymous


“I really enjoyed my Tarot reading by Carly. Her guidance was gentle, nonjudgmental and super helpful. She created a safe space for me to share my more vulnerable questions and experiences, and guided me in a way that felt dynamic and conversational. Highly recommended!” – Brianna