Writing and Facilitation


I create and facilitate workshops and training on lots of subjects! I custom build workshops regularly, and I can travel! Email me if you’re interested in discussing rates and possibilities. Here are a few of my areas of competence:



I write a weekly-ish knitting related fashion column for the Twist Collective blog, and a monthly tarot-based advice column for GUTS magazine. Have a question about feelings you want me to answer in a future instalment? Email it to submit@gutsmagazine.ca with the subject heading “ask a feelings-witch”!

Sometimes I am a guest blogger for other people’s projects. Here’s a lightly grumpy post about weight and new year’s resolutions, and it’s follow up, F**k Fat Loss. Want me to guest post on your blog? Get in touch and let’s talk about it.

I wrote a short piece on the queer and trans youth created Affirmations Deck put out by Planned Parenthood Toronto in 2014 for the freshly published LGBTQ health anthology The Remedy.